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Each year France devotes more than 23 percent of its entire national budget to education. The government protect that substantial investment in France’s future by closely monitoring the quality of instruction and the soundness of the curriculum leading to the diplomas.

Although rooted in centuries of tradition, French higher education has changed with the times and now boasts one of the world’s most diversified systems. That system retains its strongly public character, with the quality of education assured by the french government through oversight and substantial public financing.

The widely recognized quality of French postsecondary degrees rests upon a network of 3.000 teaching and research institutions of international renown. The network is composed of 90 universities, 240 schools of engineering, 230 schools of business, and 2.000 specialized post-secondary schools in art, architecture, health services, and other fields.

In public institutions such as the universities, the government finances a large share of the cost of post-secondary education for all students (currently about 7.000 Euro year), so students’ tuition payments are among the lowest in the world.

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