Applying for a French visa in India [fr]

Attention Visa applicants

With effect from 27 April 2021, all Indian nationals in transit through the international zone of a French airport on their way to another country will require an airport transit visa (ATV). The following categories are exempt from this visa (ATV):

  • Holders of a valid uniform visa, a national long-stay visa, or a residence permit issued by a Schengen State;
  • Holders of valid residence permits issued by another EU or EEA (European Economic Area) State, or Andorra, Canada, Japan, Monaco, San Marino, or the United States, guaranteeing the right to re-entry;
  • Holders of valid visa for another EU or EEA (European Economic Area) State, Canada, Japan, or the United States, or returning after having used the said visa;
  • Families of European Union nationals;
  • Indian official or diplomatic passport holders;
  • Air crew

Visa applications submitted in India are examined by the French consulates in Mumbai (Bombay), Chennai / Puducherry (Pondichéry), Kolkata (Calcutta), Bengaluru (Bangalore), and the visa section of the Embassy of France in Delhi. Only these Consulates and the Embassy are authorised to take decisions about visas.

For general information and preparing, submitting and tracking your application, log on to France-visas, the official website for visa application to France.

France-visas is a single portal with all the information needed and helps the applicant every step of the way in the application process: (preparing the application, entering details, submitting and tracking the application).

The main steps in applying for a visa

Do I need a visa?

PNG First, use “Visa wizard” to check whether, based on your situation, you need a visa and if so, what type. The wizard will also tell you what documents must be enclosed with your application, along with the applicable fee.

Complete your application online

PNG Once you have confirmed that you need a visa, you can complete your application on our online portal. You will be asked to create a France-Visas account, which you will need for each step of the process.

Submit your application to the visa centre

PNG Once you have completed your online application, all you have to do is take a print-out and submit it to your local visa centre along with the documents mentioned in the checklist. France-Visas will provide you with all necessary information on how and where to submit your application.

Track your visa application

PNGOnce your application has been submitted, track its progress and see how and when you can collect your passport and how to prepare for your trip to France.

Representation of African States and Monaco

France issues short stay visas on behalf of Djibouti, Togo, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Mauritania and Senegal.

France represents Monaco for issuing short stay visas.

Applying for a French visa in Bhutan

France has signed an agreement with Denmark for the delivery of French visas in Bhutan.

You can apply for a French visa through the portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark:

You can then visit the VFS Global office in Thimphu where you will hand in your signed cover letter, supporting documents, passport and have your biometrics captured.

Visa applications by Afghan nationals

The competence of the Visa Section of the Embassy of France in New Delhi has been extended to Afghan nationals. Afghan nationals can now apply for their visas, in particular for family reunification and reunion, at VFS New Delhi.

We do not accept applications by email. Paper applications must be submitted to VFS in New Delhi.

VFS Global in New Delhi :
+91-22-6786-6014 // +91-22-6201-8418

Attention Visa applicants

Visa applicants are hereby informed that duly completed applications may be submitted three months onward prior to the confirmed travel date. As applications peak during the months of April through July, it is advisable to apply well in advance. This will help towards the smooth organisation of your trip to France.

For queries on the visa application, you can write a mail to:

Last modified on 23/03/2023

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