Visit France

  • Come and visit France

    France combines a strong identity with the great diversity of its cities and its countryside, which is the legacy of history. Beyond greater Paris, with its 12 million inhabitants and its vivid cultural, intellectual and economic life, a rich cultural diversity thrives in the French regions and cities.

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  • Explore France

    On the website, explore a multi-facetted destination that stands out from other European destinations through its regions and landscapes: coastlines, mountains, cities, countryside, overseas French destinations.

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  • Plan your trip to France

    Plan your trip to France on the website.
    The official website for tourism in France gives you all information for inspiring you and preparing you for your trip in the cities and regions of France.

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  • Must-attend events

    Participate in major events in France: festivals, events on cuisine, music, sports, dance, painting, sculpture, contemporary art, architecture, circus, theatre, and more…

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  • Visit French wine - the land of wine reveals its secrets

    The official website of wine tourism in France. A unique chance to experience French savoir-faire behind the scenes, get ideas for getaways to explore the vineyards of France in all their facets.

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  • Settle in France

    Living in France : Preparing for your arrival in France

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