Network of Alliances françaises in the world and in India [fr]

Network of Alliances françaises in the world and in India

Founded in 1883 by a small group of prominent individuals who decided to keep France well known and increase its influence by promoting the French language, Alliance Française is now a cultural network of a global scale and a teaching facility without equal. The 1,100 branches are meeting places for people who love France, want to know it better and learn its language.

In India, like everywhere in the world, the Alliances Françaises are associations governed by local laws. An elected Executive Committee of eminent Indians administers the affairs of the Alliance Française. This Committee has as its President, an Indian, elected by the members of the Executive Committee. A Director and sometimes other French co-ordinators are designated and remunerated by the French Government.

As non-profit associations and independent branches, they provide meeting places for Indian and French Artists who discover their mutual links and share their experiences. The Alliances bring to the Indian public French cultural events selected to fulfil local expectations. They team up with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations and other big Cultural and Educational organisations in organising artistic tours.

The local branches play an important part in the lives of their cities and in the various fields of theatre, plastic arts and music. They organise symposiums and festivals of international relevance. They have become computerised Information Centres on Contemporary France (civilisation, economy, politics, science and technology).

They take the examinations of Alliance Française de Paris, of the Ministry of National Education (Delf and Dalf) and of the Chamber of Commerce & Industries of Paris (CCIP), whose diplomas are world-wide considered as passports for the future. The Alliance Française teaching is oriented to all those who want to communicate not only with France but with Europe and French speaking countries as well. The increasing number of students is proof of the high success of the intensive courses and of the methods adapted to today’s demands in the teaching of languages.

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