Registration in the Registry of French residing abroad

Registering oneself in the Register of French residing abroad is a simple administrative formality having many advantages.

Indeed, under Article 2 of Decree No2003-1377 dated 31st December 2003, concerning the registration of the French settled outside France, such registration allows

- easy completion of administrative formalities;
- access to some procedures and services benefiting residents outside France;
- receiving information from the consular post;

It is not mandatory but highly recommended.

It may be requested at the Consulate General of France in Pondicherry in different ways:

- either directly approaching the Consulate in person;
- or doing the same with our Honorary Consul in Chennai
- or by e-mail, by fax or by post addressing directly the Consulate at one of the following addresses:

E-mail address :

SeeContact usr

Fax number : (0413) 2231001/ 2231002

Postal Adress:

Consulate General of France in Pondicherry
2, rue de la Marine
Pondicherry 605001

To be able to register as a French citizen settled abroad, the following are to be justified:

- Identity;

- French Citizenship;

- Residence in the consular jurisdiction area.

Before coming to the Consulate to submit your application to register yourself in the register for French citizens settled abroad by e-mail, fax or by post, a standard form could be used and it should b sent along with supporting documents as specified in the form for the mode of application desired (by e-mail, fax or by post).

The presentation of the original documents, of which a copy was submitted by mail, fax or post can always be claimed along with personal appearance of the applicant. He can eventually be asked to submit other supplementary documents to prove marriage or for the existence of children, duly authenticated by documents like birth certificate or family book for each person concerned.

Documentary evidence to be provided:

- Copy of passport or National Identity Card, otherwise French Nationality Certificate.
- Proof of address, for residing in Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu or Kerala, (like title deed, rent agreement, electricy, water or gasbill
- 3 ID photos, front view, bareheaded, of size 35 X45 mm for each applicant
- Copy of family book.

Basic Registration form For more detailed information, please visit the web site of the Ministry for Foreign and European affairs.

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