Passport Application

The Consulate has the authority to issue/renew French passports.

The issue or renewal of a passport is subject to stamp duty, payable in cash (local currency only).

- Adults: 96 euros.
- Minors above 15 years: 52 euros
- Minors below 15 years: 27 euros.

A passport which has not expired but which does not contain blank pages to affix visas is renewed free of charges up to its remaining date of validity.

Documents to be submitted when applying for a passport

. Two ID photos

• recent;

• perfect resemblance;

• front view;

• bare-headed;

• size 35 x 45 mm in light grey background

• the face must cover 70 to 80% of the photo

In case of first application for passport : If the applicant can submit a laminated National Identity Card or a National Identity Card not secured but valid, or expired for less than two years prior to the date of application , no other document is required.

In case of renewal: If the passport to be renewed is a secure model (electronic or biometric) or a passport non secured but valid or expired for less than two years prior to the date of application, no other document is required.

Additional documents

1. In case of first application : If the applicant can not submit a Secured National Identity Card and if she/he can submit a National Identity Card not secured but expired for more than two years prior to the application, he has to submit :

An extract or a full (unabridged) copy of his/her birth certificate containing details of parentage, failing which, a full copy of the marriage certificate;

o for people born in France, the certificate must be procured from the municipality of their place of birth ;

o for people born abroad whose particulars are kept by the Central Service for Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, the certificate can be procured through the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs’ website. By post, Service central de l’état civil, 11 rue de la maison blanche 44941 Nantes Cedex 9 ;

If the birth or marriage registration certificate is not sufficient to prove citizenship: a proof of French nationality (registered copy of the declaration of French citizenship, certificate of naturalization or reinstatement of French nationality (certified copy, or copy of the Official Gazette, or the certificate from the Ministry of naturalization). certificate of French nationality).

2. In case of passport renewal : If the passport to be renewed is an non-secured passport expired more than two years on the date of application – the documents to be submitted are same as for the first time application.

Documents to be submitted for getting a passport for a minor under 18 years of age:

- 2 ID photos irrespective of the age (for size see above)
- parental permission
- Family booklet.

Note.: The validity of a passport issued to a minor is limited to 5 years

Note.: Only those who have parental authority over a minor can apply for a passport to his/her benefit. In case the parents are divorced or separated, additional verifications will be necessary- such as submission of judgement conferring care of the minor to the applicant, and/or written authorisation of both parents.

Note.: An emergency passport of short term validity can be issued very exceptionally under certain conditions.

What can be done in case of loss or theft of passport : Loss of theft of a passport must be immediately reported to the local police authorities and to the diplomatic mission or nearest consulate.

For more comprehensive and detailed information please visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

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