Prof. Gilles Boeuf speaks on "Biodiversity & Climate"

Biodiversity was born in the ocean a little less than 4 billion years ago, and has then evolved in a constantly changing world. Life emerged from the ocean some 460 million years ago in several places and under several forms, before starting to conquest lands and continents. It had to face many difficulties, as geologists and paleontologists have shown that about 60 extinction crisis occurred in the last 600 million years.

Professor Gilles Boeuf will give a lecture, open to the general public, on "Biodiversity and Climate" on Wednesday 25th February at 7:00pm at the Alliance Française de Bangalore.


Professor Gilles BOEUF holds the annual Chair in “Sustainable Development - Environment, Energy and Society” at Collège de France for 2013-2014. He is specialized in environmental physiology and biodiversity.

Professor Boeuf is knight of the French National Order of Merit, and he is also National adviser Biodiversity to the French Government. He teaches in several Universities, mainly at the Université Pierre & Marie Curie, and is the President of the National Natural History Museum in Paris since 2009.

Last modified on 18/08/2015

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