Visit to the NGO Life Projects for Youth

The Consul General visited the slums of Malwani on 25th May, second largest in size in Bombay.

The purpose of the visit was to support the French NGO Life Project for Youth, which works to professionally integrate young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. On this occasion he was able to meet several principals of schools associated with this project and based in these slums as well as visit the future premises of the association.


About the NGO:
Today the world has 1.2 billion young people between the ages of 15 and 24. 50%, almost one in two, suffer from malnutrition, disease and violence. In 2025, 1 billion young people will live below the poverty line of 1.5 € / day.

To respond to this emergency, a group of friends who are entrepreneurs and students, from Europe and the United States, created the NGO LP4Y, 100% dedicated to the professional and social integration of the youth between 17 to 24 years of extreme poverty and victims of exclusion: prisoners, young mothers, abused, out-of-school youth, disabled, street youth ...

Founded in the Philippines in September 2009, LP4Y Foundation Inc. has developed incubators of entrepreneurial projects in the heart of or near the shantytowns. These LIFE PROJECTS CENTERS (LPCs) provide the right ambiance, conducive to the development of youth life projects to not only bring them financial and social autonomy but also, in turn, make them the harbingers of development for their communities.

LP4Y accompanies them right upto the completion of their own entrepreneurial initiative: integration into a company, pursuit of studies, creation of an economic activity, etc.

Last modified on 16/06/2017

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