Visit of French Helicopter Carrier “Jeanne d’Arc” and the French Anti-Submarine Frigate “Georges Leygues"

12-17 January 2007

From 12 to 17 January, the French Training Squadron for Naval Officers called at Kochi. The group is composed of the French Helicopter Carrier “Jeanne d’Arc” and the French Anti-Submarine Frigate “Georges Leygues”.

The Training Squadron and “Jeanne d’Arc” were under the command of Captain Gilles Tillette de Mautort. Commander Jean-Marie Lucas was the commanding officer of the “Georges Leygues”.

The ships left Brest (France) on 5 December last year and will return to France in May. The group is expected to visit many countries in the Mediterranean, Indian Ocean and South China Sea. On board are 135 midshipmen or cadets including 20 officers representing different navies across the world.

Captain Tillette de Mautort met the press on board the “Jeanne d’Arc”on Friday 12th January.
This was followed by a visit of the ship.

The aim of this deployment at sea was to complete the initial training of future Navy officers. The pedagogical approach develops a sense of responsibility, action and dialogue. The instruction is mainly practical, based on the participation of the Navy officers in all the activities on board the ships. It provides a basis of knowledge, which will be essential for the young officers for the first steps in their career.

As part of the general objectives of the midshipmen’s training at sea, the young officers are also encouraged to think and act in a broader perspective, with the international context in mind. Towards that end, the visit of the Squadron in India was of prime importance. The port visit at Kochi provided an ideal opportunity for the cadets to exchange analysis with Indian Navy officers and to enrich mutual knowledge through crossed-visits, exchanges, sports, and social events.

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