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This year, Grade 1 and 2 worked on the ecology, protecting our planet and recycling.

After long discussions about the same, we tried understanding the nature of pollution and the need to avoid waste and we are trying to contribute to protecting the nature that surrounds us, a nature that nourishes us, helps us breathe better and grow.

To do this, we organised for Grade 1 and 2

1) A day of workshops and games in school:

- a relay on garbage segregation (separate waste in their respective trash cans)
- art and recycling (gathering waste material to make a collective work of art)
- board games about recycling and protecting nature

2) Meeting a specialist:

Meeting a professional gardener in school allowed students to understand the utility of composting and the way to create it using organic waste. It also permitted them to create a vertical garden which they take care of on the school premises.

3) A visit to Smart Eco Park:

This project concluded with a visit to Smart Eco Park at Panvel for the students of Grade One. This is a non-profit organisation that has an information centre created from waste material, an education centre that helps understand current environmental issues and their possible solutions. The children toured the vast expanse of the park on a tractor and then identified certain trees, their characteristics and usefulness. They learnt about rain water harvesting (filtration, purification). The students then did their own little plantations which they took home with them. A visit to the farm (cow dung) allowed the students to look after animals and wash and feed them. They also learnt products that come from cows milk.

The students from Grade 1 and Grade 2 were completely immersed in this project and continue to protect nature to the best of their ability.

Last modified on 06/08/2015

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