The Talent Passport

Instituted in March 2016, the Talent Passport residence permit, valid for four years, replaces the various permits for skilled foreigners or those having special expertise/accomplishments (artists, scientists, sportspersons, etc.)

It is for foreigners:

  • 1. holding a degree at least equivalent to a Master’s, and/or employed in a firm for discharging duties related to the firm’s research and development project;
  • 2. holding a highly skilled job for a period greater than or equal to a year, backed by a degree certifying at least three years of higher studies or proven professional experience of at least five years at a comparable level. This residence permit, with a validity period concurrent to the contract period, bears the stamp “carte bleue européenne” (EU Blue Card);
  • 3. who come to France for an intra-company assignment (employees on secondment) or between companies of the same group, backed by proof of seniority of at least three months in the group or company established outside France, as well as a work contract with the company established on French territory;
  • 4. holding a Master’s degree or its equivalent involving research or imparting education at the university level, as part of a “Convention d’accueil”/ invitation letter signed with an pre-approved public or private research or higher education institute. This residence permit bears the stamp of “chercheur” (researcher);
  • 5. holding a degree equivalent to the Master’s level, or document(s) attesting to professional experience of at least five years at a comparable level, and providing proof of initiating a genuine economic project, are establishing a company in France;
  • 6. who provide proof of initiating an innovative start-up recognized by a public body;
  • 7. who are making a direct economic investment in France;
  • 8. appointed as the legal representative of an institution or company established in France, as an employee of an organisation or a company of the same group;
  • 9. who are artiste-performers by profession, or the author of a literary or artistic work;
  • 10. of established national or international renown travelling to France to carry out work in the scientific, literary, artistic, intellectual, educational or sports sectors.

Last modified on 14/03/2017

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