The Future Tour

The Future Tour is a series of thematic rendezvous between scientists, academics, companies and students from India and France. In continuity with the Knowledge Summit, it lays out the roadmap for Indo-French collaboration for the next decade.

Each Future Tour consists of two days of intense exchanges. One day is dedicated for students to meet one-on-one with representatives from French institutions to learn about study opportunities and the French higher education system. Another day brings together scientists, academics and companies to discuss future partnerships. The topics are:

- Smart Cities – Connectivity & Electric Mobility (Chennai)
- Smart Cities – Urban Planning, Architecture (Ahmedabad)
- Eco-Energy – Solar & Renewable Energies (Dehradun)
- Aeronautics & Space (Bengaluru)
- Natural Resources & Bioactive Components (Hyderabad)
- Agronomy – Food Processes (Hyderabad)
- Mathematics & Information Technology (Chennai)

Parallel to the Future Tours, the Admission Tour will also take place in the same cities. This would be an occasion for Indian students to meet delegates from prestigious French Engineering, Management and specialised schools for individual meetings.

Last modified on 11/06/2018

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