The French Insititute in India (IFI) has put...

The French Insititute in India (IFI) has put together a series of contests for Indian schools learning French for the Francophonie 2017.

It is age-wise and available only online


Student category - University and college : video contest : Instagram and image poetry : write a text like a French writer

Teen category - Grades 9 to 12 : video contest : prepare a photo novel :Twitter contest

Children category - Grades 5 to 8 : create emoticons and putting them on Twitter : Instagram contests and haiku in pictures : video contests

Your students can participate till 30th April and you can present either an individual or collaborative creation.

The IFI, along with its partners, is going to announce prizes (e.g. a free French session at Alliance française, discount coupons of French establishments in India...)

All the contests are online. It may appear a bit complicated but once you grasp the nitty-gritties, it is quite simple. Moreover, because it is online, the participant’s whole network can see the creation and vote for it too.

If you are looking for some creative way to teach French to your students, this is it! Photos, videos, cartoons, writing.. there are all means. Don’t forget that these creations will have a large audience on the website of Salle de Profs (14000 visitors/month)

Last modified on 17/03/2017

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