The French Ambassador attended the launch of the GSLV-III

On 5th June 2017, the French Ambassador, Mr. Alexandre Ziegler, the Consul General of France and the India representative of the French space agency CNES, Mr. Mathieu Weiss (based in Bangalore, where ISRO is headquartered) attended the launch of the GSLV-III (Geostationary Satellite Launch Vehicle) from the Indian launch site of Sriharikota (Satish Dawan Space Center, 80 km North of Chennai, in the state of Andhra Pradesh).

The successful launch of the most powerful launcher ever produced by India and the orbit insertion of the heaviest satellite (3.2 tons) marks a double historic success for ISRO, hailed by the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and the Indian media.

The control of cryogenic technology by the Indian space agency highlights the result of 20 years of research. This technology, particularly complex, has so far been mastered by only 6 countries - the US, France, Japan, Russia, China and now India.

During his meeting with Mr. Kiran Kumar, Chairman of ISRO, the French Ambassador thanked him for this invitation to this important milestone event, to which only the French delegation had been called on. Ambassador Ziegler and Mr. Kumar congratulated each other on the strength of the Indo-French Space cooperation, which commenced 53 years ago and is still very dynamic today with a number of ongoing joint projects.

The French Ambassador witnesses the launch of GSLV-III
The French Ambassador with Mr. Kiran Kumar, Chairman of ISRO
The French Ambassador at the launch of GSLV-III
ISRO staff monitoring screens
The French delegation to the launch of the GSLV-III

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