The 6th World Water Forum, 12-17 March 2012

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The 6th World Water Forum, from 12 to 17 March 2012

A recognised success for the 6th World Water Forum
which gathered more than 35,000 participants in Marseille

The 6th World Water Forum was characterised by a strong mobilisation of the international political community and of civil society so as to make the cause of water and sanitation move forward during more than 400 open sessions of which fifty major ones.

- Participations (key figures)

15 heads of State, of governments and European Commissioners

173 represented countries

103 Ministers, Vice-Ministers and Secretaries of State

170 national delegations and international organisations taking part in the Ministerial Declaration

More than 750 elected officials among which 250 mayors and 250 parliamentarians

More than 500 sponsorised persons

3,500 NGOs and civil society representatives

More than 2,600 children and youth

- Highlights (key figures)

Numerous high level sessions (Rio+20, Europe, Chad, Gaza, Niger etc.)
1 ministerial conference

12 ministerial roundtables

6 trialogs (debate between national, regional and local authorities)

2 days for the Local and Regional Authorities conference

10 high level panels

2 water debates

1 day and a half for the parliamentary conference

6 regional and transcontinental processes

1 commitments’ session

After these six days of debates and exchanges, built on 1,400 solutions for water and sanitation posted on the solutions sharing platform, all the stakeholders (UN agencies, governments, parliamentarians, local authorities, donors, water professionals, NGOs and civil society actors, women and youth representatives) have already announced more than a hundred concrete commitments. These solutions and commitments should enable a faster access to water and sanitation, a universal human right which was recognised in 2010, and improve the conservation and management of this major threatened resource.

Just like the Village of Solutions,, the Solutions platform created especially for the 6th World Water Forum - the Time for Solutions - and which is also intended to welcome stakeholders’ commitments, is perpetuated so as to become a place of sharing, exchange and monitoring for the 7th World Water Forum which will take place in Daegu Gwangyeoksi, South Korea, in 2015.

The World Water Council will bear these solutions and commitments to Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development Rio+20 from June 20th to 22nd 2012, for which the water and sanitation issue is already on the agenda.

Source: worldwaterforum website

The 6th World Water Forum ‐ Time for Solutions – is a key milestone on the road to solving water related challenges in the world, from access to water and sanitation for all, to climate change and food safety.

“The 6th World Water Forum is to be the Forum of Commitments and Solutions and we are looking for concrete actions towards solving the world water problems. We invite proposals which are feasible in restrained financial, social and environmental conditions. The possibilities offered to the water professionals to interact with high‐level political decisionmakers make the Forum an ideal platform for discussing the way forward.” Prof. Benedito Braga, President of the 6th World Water Forum and Vice‐President of the World Water Council.

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