Tagore Publication Assistance Programme

Started in 1990, the Publication Assistance Programme has enabled over 12 000 titles by French language writers to be translated and published in 75 countries. These programmes have been a major tool of development of influence of French literature and though around the globe. The provisions of this programme have benefited foreign publishers willing to add French language writers in their catalogue via translation (or in certain cases local editions in French)

Publication Assistance Programme in India, called Tagore, is a support programme for Indian publishers who wish to publish a French book translated into English or into any Indian language.

Indian publisher may ask for our help in two kinds of assistance:

Funding of rights expenses or licence fee (assistance provided by Institut Français, an autonomous agency for cultural exchange under the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Assistance to publication (local assistance): from the local budget of the Book Office.

Please, complete your application by downloading the documents here :
- PAP Tagore English
- Indentification Form
- PAP Convention IF 2012
- Budget

And Deposit your file to :
Book Office
Institut Français en Inde
New Delhi 110 011
Tel. : 011 30 41 00 57
Fax : 011 30 41 00 59

Last modified on 27/10/2015

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