TF1 coverage on Nagpur city

Nagpur is one of the three cities in India to which France is extending its technical assistance under the Smart Cities Mission.

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New Delhi, 19 April 2018

AFD is working closely with the city of Nagpur on issues of sustainable urban mobility, the development of the city into a ’smart city’ and the rehabilitation of the banks of the Nag River.

Hence, AFD is supporting the construction of a light rail system worth € 130 million to meet the new needs generated by the city’s economic growth. The key is a safe, efficient, affordable and low-carbon transportation system. The two metro lines are currently under construction covering a total distance of 38.1km.

In addition, the city of Nagpur receives technical assistance through the MobiliseYourCity programme, funded by the grants delegated to AFD by the EU. It will address issues related to mobility planning across the city.

AFD also provides technical assistance to Nagpur as part of the Indian Government’s Smart Cities mission. The city thus has access to a network of local and French experts, which in particular strengthen local capacities in the areas of urban mobility and waste management. This technical assistance contributed to the selection of Nagpur for the national Smart Cities mission.

Finally, AFD is funding the study for the rehabilitation of the banks of the Nag River, launched in November 2017. It could lead to AFD support for a project for sustainable development and urban development including soft modes of transport, green spaces and the clearance of insalubrious neighbourhoods.

- TF1 coverage on Nagpur city, one of the three metropolis that France partners under the smart cities mission through AFD - Agence Française de Développement.

Last modified on 23/04/2018

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