TECH FRENCH: Learning French made easy for Engineers and Scientists

TECH FRENCH: Learning French made easy for Engineers and Scientists

Are you an Indian student planning to pursue an engineering course or a laboratory internship in France? Are you a technical expert or scientist who has spent anxious moments trying to decipher technical terms in French and fervently wished you had some help at hand?

In answer to this need, the Language and Education Service of the French Embassy has recently developed a methodology to ease learning technical French for those among you who are passionate about gears, microchips, structural strength, logic gates … you get the drift! So how does one prepare adequately – aside from dabbling in applied fundamental mathematics and physics for starters – to study in France in such disciplines?

Very simply, by picking up a copy of Tech French.

Written from the point of view of an Indian student who lands in France to study engineering, Tech French incorporates a methodology that is fun, lucid and hands on. Designed and compiled by a team of Indo-French language experts, this book is a must have for all those engineers who wish to study or intern in French labs and grandes écoles. We are delighted that there is a steadily growing community of such students by virtue of the dedicated efforts of the French Embassy’s higher education promotion service, CampusFrance. This is what inspired the Language and Education Service of the Embassy of France in India, in collaboration with Goyal Publishers and Distributors Pvt. Ltd., to introduce this specialized French language course book.



Tech French was officially released in the presence of His Excellency Mr François Richier, Ambassador of France to India, Mr Ashwini Goyal, Director, Goyal Publishers and Distributors Pvt. Ltd, Mr Max Claudet, Counsellor for Culture and Cooperation, Embassy of France in India, and Ms Dominique Frin, Attaché for Cooperation in the French language, Embassy of France in India.


About the book:

Tech French offers a teaching methodology specially adapted to meet the needs of Indian scientists, engineers and technical experts. Apart from serving as a learning manual for these professionals, Tech French is also meant for students who plan to make a career in these fields. The course book, clearly structured and largely illustrated, provides pragmatic and direct access to the French language to enable them to pursue university-level studies in some of the internationally ranked top engineering colleges in France.

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Catch the launch Tech French Launch.VOB here.


Grab your copy today!

Last modified on 29/03/2012

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