Strong French presence at the India Nuclear Energy 2017

H.E. Mr Alexandre Ziegler, Ambassador of France to India, participated in India Nuclear Energy (INE) 2017, held on 9th - 10th November 2017, in Mumbai. India’s vibrant civil nuclear energy summit and exhibition saw strong participation from the French nuclear industry this year, which was represented by 40 French suppliers at the French stand.

Ambassador Ziegler participates in India Nuclear Energy (INE) 2017, being held on 9th - 10th November 2017, in Mumbai
Ambassador Ziegler participates in India Nuclear Energy (INE) 2017, being held on 9th - 10th November 2017, in Mumbai
Ambassador Ziegler participates in India Nuclear Energy (INE) 2017, being held on 9th - 10th November 2017, in Mumbai
Ambassador Ziegler participates in India Nuclear Energy (INE) 2017, being held on 9th - 10th November 2017, in Mumbai
Ambassador Ziegler participates in India Nuclear Energy (INE) 2017, being held on 9th - 10th November 2017, in Mumbai
Ambassador Ziegler participates in India Nuclear Energy (INE) 2017, being held on 9th - 10th November 2017, in Mumbai
Ambassador Ziegler at the French pavilion
Ambassador Ziegler at the French pavilion
Ambassador Ziegler at the French pavilion
Ambassador Ziegler at the French pavilion

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Mumbai, 9 - 10 November 2017

The French delegation, whose visit was organised by Business France, the French trade and investment agency, and GIIN - French Nuclear Suppliers Association, were present for the seventh consecutive year at the INE. They displayed the entire gamut of expertise that France can offer to countries seeking to build new nuclear facilities and avail of experienced suppliers with proven technologies in this sector.

On Thursday 9th November, Mr Alexandre Ziegler and Mr Gérard Kottmann, President – AIFEN French Nuclear Industry Exporters Association, addressed the delegates of India Nuclear Energy 2017 during the inaugural conference organised by UBM.

On this occasion, Ambassador Alexandre Ziegler said, “I am proud of the sizeable presence of the French nuclear suppliers at INE 2017. They are keen on joining forces with their Indian counterparts to meet the challenge of reconciling energy needs with clean development, thus paving the way for India’s economy to grow in a sustainable manner.”

Mr Philippe Angleret, President – GIIN, spoke during the “Supply Chain” round table that took place on 9th November afternoon, providing an overview of France’s extensive expertise developed over decades of designing various types of reactors across the world. He also highlighted the importance of strengthening Indo-French cooperation under the “Make in India” programme through industrial partnerships. Senior officials from EDF and France’s institutional public agencies in the nuclear sector, such as CEA, INSTN, I2EN and ADNRA, also spoke on this occasion.

The ambitious scope of India’s civil nuclear programme and its government’s commitment to meeting its energy needs with limited impact on the environment has made India a leading market for the nuclear sector. India’s NPCIL and France’s EDF are currently in discussions for the supply of six EPR-type reactors of 1650 MW each.

Address by H.E. Alexandre Ziegler at the India Nuclear Energy Summit 2017

Dear Dr. Grover, Homi Bhabha Chair, Member Atomic Energy Commission
Dear Mr SK. Malhotra, Secretary, Atomic Energy Education Society, DAE
Dear Mr Ravi Shankar, Head, Public Awareness Division, DAE
Dear Mr Andrei Zhiltsov, Consul General of Russia in Mumbai
Cher Mr. Gérard Kottmann, AIFEN President
Distinguished guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure for me to be among you today and address the delegates of the India Nuclear Energy Summit 2017. I would like to acknowledge all the eminent personalities who are present here for the Summit, and warmly commend their efforts towards making it a success.

More than fifty years ago, India adopted a long-term policy to develop a civilian nuclear programme designed to secure access to safe, reliable, competitive and sustainable energy. Today, India is justly proud of the results it has achieved, thanks to the tireless efforts of successive governments that have led the country.

France strongly supports the sustainable development of civil nuclear energy in India.

The ties between France and India in the nuclear field are very robust. As many of you may know, our collaboration dates back to the 1950s. Our current bilateral cooperation, which is being pursued under the framework of the 2008 Agreement, ranges from fundamental research to industrial activities.

This collaboration is supported at the highest levels of our governments. It may be recalled that, during the State Visit of the President of the French Republic to India in January 2016, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and then President François Hollande had reiterated that nuclear energy is one of the cornerstones of the Indo-French strategic partnership, and expressed their commitment to carrying out the Jaitapur project.

The French public utility, EDF, is now leading the French side of the negotiations on the Jaitapur project, with the support of AREVA NP and GE Alstom. In a January 2017 meeting with Prime Minister Modi, Mr J.B. Levy, EDF President, expressed EDF’s willingness to consider placing the Jaitapur project under the Indian government’s “Make in India” initiative through industrial partnerships, including joint ventures between French and Indian manufacturers for cost-effective and time-bound localization in India.

This ambitious project of building 6 EPRs at Jaitapur, which will reach a total capacity of nearly 10 GW, will strongly contribute to India’s goal to generate 63 GW of nuclear electricity by 2030. It will be a major contribution to India’s target of sourcing 40 % of its electricity from non-fossil fuels by 2030, announced ahead of the 2015 Paris Climate Summit.

The Jaitapur project also illustrates our support to Prime Minister Narenda Modi’s initiative of “Make in India”, as it implies indigenous production through localization, transfer of technology, joint research and development programmes, and education and training.

During the first round table, Mr Vakis Ramany, Senior VP – EDF, will give a more comprehensive presentation of the project.

I wish to reiterate today France’s commitment to carrying out this project with India.

Moreover, many French companies are already involved in industrial cooperation in India, including fuel and other supplies for Indian reactors. They are very committed to expanding this partnership, allowing the French nuclear industry to play a key role in the ambitious Indian programme for developing civilian nuclear energy.

France possesses 58 reactors and 10 research reactors in operation; French companies have built more than 130 reactors in 12 countries and supplied about 350 nuclear reactors worldwide.

The French industry covers the complete range of front-end and back-end of the fuel cycle, including waste management and decommissioning projects. Its expertise in the nuclear sector is the fruit of the constant commitment and investment of French industrial groups (EDF, AREVA, Alstom) as well as more than 2000 SMEs specializing in the nuclear field over the past 60 years.

Mr Gérard Kottmann, AIFEN President, will give in a moment an overview of industrial nuclear expertise from France.

French nuclear partnership with India is also embodied through exemplary scientific and institutional cooperation.

Various projects are currently underway in the field of R&D on fast breeder reactors, personnel training, waste management, and safety. Further, both India and France accord importance to fusion energy development and, as such, are working together under the ITER project.

Today, the Indian Nuclear Energy Summit offers us a special occasion to exchange views on a number of important issues, and facilitate meetings between Indian and French companies and organizations. I am delighted that the INE Exhibition is hosting EDF and more than twenty other French companies from the nuclear industry. I know that they have expressed keen interest in working with India.

The French Pavilion at INE 2017 has been set up by Business France in partnership with France’s two nuclear professional federations, AIFEN (French Nuclear Industry Exporters Association) and GIIN (French Nuclear Suppliers Association). It is, thus, a window to the entire French nuclear industry and institutional agencies. I am sure that it will help you establish fruitful contacts in the coming days.

We are today celebrating a partnership with an immense prospect for growth. I am therefore delighted to launch this meeting, geared to achieve the best for our present and future nuclear cooperation.

I wish the organizers and the participants fruitful discussions and all success.
Thank you for your attention and thank you very much for your welcome.


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