Statement of French President at Rashtrapati Bhavan [fr]

Statement of H.E. Mr François Hollande, President of the French Republic to the Press In India at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

New Delhi, 25 January 2015

"Nous voulons rappeler les liens qui unissent... par elysee

I would like to thank the President of the Republic of India, the Prime Minister, once again for the exceptional welcome that has been extended to me, that is to say, that has been extended to France.

India and France are two great countries that uphold values, principles and can be attacked any time precisely because we are representations of freedom.

Even today, there are threats looming over our two countries, on France, and we must face it. That’s what we will decide once again by strengthening our strategic partnership.

I also wish to acknowledge the honour accorded to me as tomorrow I will participate in the Republic Day parade, the anniversary of the Constitution, and this will once again be an opportunity to recall the ties that link France and India and that which we wish to place at the service of the world.

Prime Minister Modi played a major role in the success of the Climate Conference and what I will do in the course of this trip is to execute our commitments, starting here in India with the Solar Alliance.

There are other contracts, other economic relations that are in various areas, which range from agriculture to space, because between India and France, nothing must be excluded from our cooperation, our partnership.

Once again, thank you, Mr President, Mr Prime Minister, for the welcome extended to me. Thank you very much.

QUESTION: Mr President, you spoke of counter-terrorism. Daesh has apparently posted a video on the 13 November attacks. Could you elaborate a little on that ?

PRESIDENT HOLLANDE: Nothing will scare us. No threat will make France doubt what she has to do in the fight against terrorism. And if I have taken measures to extend the state of emergency, it’s because I know very well that this threat is there, but we will yield on no front. Neither on the means to protect our country, nor our freedoms. And these images only serve to discredit the perpetrators of this crime. Thank you.

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