School Francophonie Fête, 11 February 2012

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11 February 2012
Lycée français de Delhi
2 Aurangzeb Road
New Delhi 110 011

Organised by Lycée Français de Delhi (French High School of Delhi), the school version” of the Francophonie Fête gathered one hundred sixty Indian students from six Indian schools, accompanied by twenty-five teachers and six principals, who were welcomed by parents of the Lycée’s students.
The “school version” was adjusted to the Indian school calendar as their students are taken up by annual examination preparations in March, which is when the annual Francophonie celebrations actually take place.
These students, who learn French, participated in French language workshops organised for sixty-four students from the primary level, guided by fifteen teachers of the Lycée. Twenty-eight secondary-level students from the Lycée ran the stands of the fifteen francophone embassies, which presented their respective countries.
This event celebrated the cultural diversity represented by these fifteen francophone countries from five continents, and opened the Lycée to six Indian schools where French is taught. It may be noted that more than a million young Indians learn French, the top foreign language taught in South Asia schools.
This was a festive event that will resonate with the accents of the French language, which is shared by more than 220 million speakers across seventy members of the International Francophonie Organisation.
To know more about the International Francophonie Organisation

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