Schengen Visas for the transit or transfer of merchant navy seafarers

Schengen Visas for the transit or transfer of merchant navy seafarers

This visa concerns seafarers wishing to join a ship halting in France..

Supporting documents to be submitted:
1. An ordinary passport or other recognised travel document valid for at least three months from the expiry date of the visa applied for. This document must have at least two fresh pages. Please attach previous and cancelled passports, if any.

2. Short-stay visa application form duly filled and signed by the applicant.

3. 2 recent photographs of the applicant. Please check photograph specifications here.

4. Valid Continuous Discharge Certificate-cum-Seafarer’s Identity Document, along with a copy.

5. Embarkation order from the ship owner.

6. Letter from the shipping company mandatorily mentioning the docking and sailing dates of the ship in France.

7. A copy of the work contract mandatorily mentioning the ship’s ensign.

8. Copy of confirmed air tickets or other means of transport.

9. Copy of travel medical insurance policy and repatriation. The insurance policy, which must have a minimum cover of 30,000 Euros, including medical and repatriation expenses, must cover the entire period of the validity of the visa applied for in Schengen States.

10. If you are a third country national residing in India and Nepal, please furnish supporting documents attesting to the legality and the authorised duration of your residence here.

11. Photocopies of Schengen, American, British visas obtained over the past two years.


1- If you are applying for a visa to work on board a ship docked continuously at a French port and the ship:
- is not registered in France, please see: Business travel;
- is registered in France, please see: Short-stay visa, temporary work permit.

2- This visa is not applicable for family members accompanying seafarers on transfer (Please see:

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