Réception en l’honneur de l’artiste Maïté Delteil

New Delhi, le 12 mars 2019

L’Ambassadeur de France en Inde, M. Alexandre Ziegler, et Sunaina Anand, Directrice de la galerie d’art - Art Alive Gallery, ont célébré l’artiste Maïté Delteil lors d’une réception à la Résidence de France.

Une sélection de trente œuvres, jusqu’à présent jamais exposées en Inde, et réalisées par l’artiste dans les années 1960, étaient exposée à la Résidence de France. Un film sur la vie de l’artiste, intitulé « Maïté Enchantée » et réalisé par Joy Banerjee a également été diffusé lors de la réception.

Discours de S.E. M. Alexandre Ziegler, Ambassadeur de France en Inde

Dear Maïté,

Dear Sakti,

Distinguished guests,

A very warm welcome to all of you. It gives me great pleasure to host this reception tonight in honour of the talented French artist, Maïté Delteil. I am indeed delighted to present here at the Residence de France a selection of her paintings belonging to “The Yellow Room”, a colourful series created during the sixties. This exhibition is an exclusive sneak preview of the complete series, which will be on display at Art Alive Gallery.

Tonight I have the opportunity to celebrate the work of an inspiring artist, as well as the strong ties between India and France. Your story and your career, Maïté, beautifully illustrate how art can build bridges between our two countries.

Maïté’s first brush with India, as many of you may know, was in Paris, through to another talented artist, who later became her husband, Mr. Sakti Burman, and whom the Embassy has had the honour to celebrate on previous occasions. Sharing the same passion for aesthetics and a common sensitivity, both of them studied at Beaux-Arts de Paris, where training and courses played a key role in building their artistic practice.

Following this, Maïté travelled to India and found in this vast country a land passionate about arts and culture, which enabled her to pursue painting and widen her palette of expression. India became an endless source of inspiration. The rich variety of Nature and the variety of India’s colours deeply influenced her art. The documentary directed by Joy Banerjee, which will be screened shortly, will give us a glimpse of this journey.

These travels between the two countries fostered and shaped the evolution of Maïté’s work. Her journeys between France and India illustrate how artistic exchanges are meaningful and rewarding for both one’s professional and personal lives, and thus should be encouraged. That’s why the Embassy of France in India is enhancing these dialogues through various programmes like students’ exchanges and artist residencies. At the moment, there are numerous artists, curators, students and young professionals in France undertaking various projects – a number that is steadily increasing each year. This will certainly strengthen the bonds between India and France that Maïté and Sakti, along with their peers, have built.

This brings me to the collection of paintings that we shall all have the chance to appreciate tonight.

We are all familiar with Maïté’s work : replete with lush greenery, flowers in full bloom and birds that congregate about trees. Her tableaus are songs of praise, celebrating life and Nature with an almost fantasy-like touch.

First exhibited in India, Maïté’s early pieces are peaceful, intimate and strong portraits of women. When I discovered this series of paintings from “The Yellow Room”, I was struck by their vibrant spirit and impressed by the freedom, optimism and spontaneity that emanate from them. Alone in contemplation or at their daily activities, these feminine forms evoke a sense of women’s emancipation in the sixties, which Maïté, you, too, experienced. The strength of the colours and the treatment of light also reflect Maïté’s inspiration from great European masters like Edouard Vuillard, Pierre Bonnard and Henri Matisse. It is a true joy to see how her artworks illuminate the Residence !

So my warmest thanks go to the artist for this, and to the organisers of this preview. I thank the Director of Art Alive Gallery, Sunaina Anand, and her team for making the artist’s universe accessible to us. I am now looking forward to exploring the complete series of “The Yellow Room” which will be on display at Art Alive Gallery from Thursday.

In the meantime, please enjoy this preview ! Belle soirée à tous !

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