Presentation of the French Film and TV Office

1. Cinema

In close collaboration with the Indian distributors and exhibitors, the French Films & Tv Office supports and promotes the French films released commercially in the market (an average of 5 films are released annually) by providing grant for P&A, dubbing in local languages, press preview etc. We also organise an annual festival named “Rendez-vous with French cinema in India” in Mumbai, in presence of a French delegation.

With the same objective of optimal exposure of French films, the French Films & Tv Office supports other international festivals in India (Mumbai, Kolkata, Goa, Kerala, Chennai, Pune etc ...).

We also invite French film makers to conduct workshops at different cinema schools in India. For the past many years, we offer a scholarship for a two months training course in the field of cinema at the FEMIS.

2. Coproduction Treaty

Ms Ambika Soni, Minister of Information and broadcasting Indian and Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication French, signed in New Delhi, December 6, 2010, in the presence of the President of the French Republic and Prime Minister of India, a new film co-production agreement.

The agreement comes as several projects of Indo-French co-productions are in progress and an important step in the reconciliation of France and India in the field of cinema. It will encourage co-production of films and facilitate meetings and exchanges of producers in both countries.

3. Television Channels

French television channels TV5 Monde Asie and France 24 are available in India.

  • TV5Monde Asia is now distributed in India with more than 10.6 million homes. The channel is available through the vast majority of operators, but the channel is also available on Dish TV as well as in IPTV offers like Aksh OptiFiber in Mumbai, Delhi and Jaipur (57 000 households ).
    More than 280 cable networks carry TV5Monde Asia to their subscribers, among which are the big operators like InCable Net, Hathway Cable, Asianet or DIGIC NET.
    For further information, kindly visit TV5Monde Website
  • France 24, a news channel in English was launched during the French Presidential visit in December 2010 is also available on all major cable networks.
    For more information, kindly visit France24 Website.

4. Shooting in France

The Commission Nationale du Film France helps heads of foreign productions interested in shooting films in France. Over 150 feature films are produced in France every year. Nearly half of them are co-produced with foreign partners and/or directed by foreign filmmakers. As a result, most French producers, service companies and technicians are well accustomed to working with movie-makers from across the globe.

Contact Film France
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French Film & TV Office
  • Innovation & Multimedia Attaché – Mr Pierre LABURTHE

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