Presentation of the Defence Section [fr]

The role of the Defence section
The role of the Defence section is to promote France’s defence policy, to report and explain India’s defence policy to the relevant French authorities and to develop bilateral military cooperation between the two countries.

The Defence Section is composed of:
- a Military Attaché
- a Defence Procurement Attaché
- a Naval Attaché
Defence Attaché
Representing the French Defence Ministry in the Embassy, the Defence Attaché is accountable to the Defence Minister.

Head of the Defence section, he coordinates its work and is responsible for:
- Informing the Indians authorities about French defence policy and armed forces capabilities and equipment
- Reporting to the French authorities developments in Indian defence policy
- Promoting Indo-French military relations
- Advising the Ambassador and providing him with expertise on all defence-related issues
- Contributing to the promotion of the French defence industry.
The Deputy Defence/ Armament Attachés advise the Ambassador on armaments relations by:
- contributing, through their expertise, to informing deliberations and formulating strategies with regard to export and cooperation in defence technology and industry;
- providing analyses on the armaments sector;
- liaising with their Indian counterparts on behalf of their division of the Ministry of Defence

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