Port call in Goa by French Navy Air Defence Destroyer FS Jean Bart

The French Navy’s Air Defence Destroyer FS Jean Bart was on a port call in Goa from 16 to 20 March 2014. During their stay, the Captain and the crew held operational exchanges with their Indian Navy counterparts.

On 20th March, the FS Jean Bart participated in a daylong exercise at sea with the Indian Navy, which involved surface ships from the Western Fleet as well as fighter aircrafts from the Indian naval aviation arm.

The port call of the FS Jean Bart and the following exercise contributed to strengthening the ever-higher degree of co-operation between the French and Indian navies, being held under the aegis of the strategic partnership established between the two countries in 1998.

The FS Jean Bart has been deployed in the Indian Ocean since March 2014. In the coming days, she will join the international Combined Task Force (CFT) 150, which is engaged in the fight against terrorism under “Operation Enduring Freedom”. CTF 150 monitors sea traffic in an area extending from the Red Sea to the Gulf of Oman in order to deter movements of terrorist groups and to fight illegal trafficking.

France, as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council and with over a million of its citizens living in the Indian Ocean rim, contributes to peace and security in this area. It has a permanent military presence in the region, including tri-service (army-navy-air force) bases in the United Arab Emirates, Djibouti and Reunion Island.

About the FS Jean Bart

Commissioned in 1991, the FS Jean Bart is the sister ship of the first Cassard class guided missile destroyer. Primarily designed to provide air defence to French aircraft carriers and Mistral class helicopter carriers, she is capable of performing all kinds of maritime task force duties, ranging from crisis prevention to warfighting.

Equipped with a combat system operating a variety of sensors and weapons – comprising an assortment of artillery, missiles and torpedoes – her engagement capabilities are enhanced by the embarked Panther Standard 2 helicopter.

Homeported in the Mediterranean port of Toulon, the FS Jean Bart belongs to the French fleet also known as Force d’Action Navale (FAN). Capable of deployment anywhere in the world, whether as a standalone or as part of a battle group, she generally operates in the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean.

Over the past few years, Destroyer Jean Bart has carried out a wide range of missions, including several contributions to Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and, in 2011, Operation Harmattan, as part of the maritime component of French operations for the protection of civilians in Libya under UNSC Resolution 1973.

Last modified on 30/05/2014

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