Officier du Mérite Agricole & Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite, April 29, 2009

French government distinction Officier du Mérite Agricole & Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite conferred on Mr. Kanwal Grover and Mr. Kapil Grover, April 29, 2009

The French government has bestowed the award of Officier du Mérite Agricole on Mr. Kanwal Grover and Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite on Mr. Kapil Grover. The award is in recognition of their contribution to the development of Indo-French cooperation in the field of agriculture.

The award was conferred upon Mr. Kanwal Grover and Mr. Kapil Grover by Mr. Jérôme Bonnafont, Ambassador of France to India.

A brief profile of Kapil Grover:

Kapil Grover is the Director of Grover Vineyards, the country’s leading premium wine maker. Grover Vineyards were established in 1988 by Kapil’s father Kanwal Grover on over 40 acres of land at the foot of the picturesque Nandi Hills. Here the Grovers planted over 35 important varieties of grapes, used in France to make wine. The family’s passion for wines led to the vinery attracting the attention of Michel Rolland, the foremost wine consultant in the world. The company today boasts of a portfolio of 10 of the finest wines. Kapil may be credited with making Grover Vineyards the country’s biggest wine exporter.

About the awards:

The French government confers several distinctions in recognition of merit in various fields. Among these, Le Mérite agricole was instituted on 7th July 1883 by the then Minister for Agriculture Jules Méline in recognition of services rendered to agriculture. Noted recepients of the award include Louis Pasteur, Michel Serrault, Catherine Deneuve, Paul Morand, Roger Peyrefitte and Jean Carmet.

L’Ordre national du Mérite was instituted by General de Gaulle in 1963. The award is one of the most important honours conferred by the French President in recognition of exceptional contribution in any field. Noted recepients of the award include Dr Villoo Morawala.

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