October @l’Alliance Française de Pune

L’Alliance Française de Pune has organised a number of events this October.

Sept 23rd: a reading to celebrate Marguerite Duras’s 100th birth anniversary

Marguerite Duras was born in 1914 and died in 1996. She spent her childhood in former French Indochina and this experience influenced her work, such as her greatest success L’Amant (The Lover). She was also a great film-maker and is often compared to Jean Cocteau who was one of her contemporaries. This great lady was very much involved in politics as she joined the French Communist Party very soon.

To celebrate Duras’ 100th birth anniversary, the Indian Association of Teachers of French (IATF) will organize Les journées Duras on 21st, 22nd and 23rd September. Alliance Française de Pune is very happy to participate in this event. We will welcome a reading session on September 23rd on Kala Chhaya Campus between 10 and 12 am in partnership with Pune University. Participants will choose short excerpts from Duras’s works, read it out loud and discuss about them.

As there is a limited number of seats for this event, please do write to Mrs. Sudnya Athale for registration: sudnya.athale@gmail.com.

Do come and discover this essential French writer!


Event : P’tit Concert 2 by Le Philharmonique de la Roquette : enjoy a unique ciné-concert experience


Saturday, 11th October 2014, Mazda Hall, 7 pm

Le Philharmonique de la Roquette is a company formed in 1995 by three musicians and composers (Julien Kamoun, Maïeul Clairefond and Gilles Poizat) who were willing to associate their music with other artistic forms and worked for radio, theatre, documentaries and silent movies. The company has been performing “ciné-concerts” for 15 years. The “ciné-concert” concept results from the merger of silent cinema and live music. It makes each performance different and gives cinema a new dimension.
The band will perform "P’tit Concert 2" at Mazda Hall on October 11th thanks to our partnership with the Poona Music Society. The musicians will accompany 11 short original animated movies by playing a modern music inspired by many different influences such as soundtrack music, classical music, jazz and electronic music. "P’tit Concert 2" can be attended by children aged 5 or more and their families. It is a universal performance since spectators will be guided through images by music and sound only.

Musicians may also present their instruments after the show and interact with the children.

Do not miss this poetic and moving experience!


Our partner for this evening:

Event : DJ Oof at High Spirits Café, November 12th

DF Oof will come to Pune during his tour across India and Nepal

Alliance Française de Pune has invited Dj Oof for an exceptional performance mixing music, sound effects and images. This outstanding artist is well-known for his « mashups » which turn movies and documentaries into videoclips with a great sense of synchronization.


Dj Oof became famous at an international level after producing Cinemix (Universal Jazz), an album of remixes from original French movies’ soundtracks composed by various artists such as C.Craig, S.Gainsbourg or E.Morricone. Cinemix was followed by a worldwide tour and was presented in Cannes, Montreux and Burning Man Festivals.

Oof writes electro-dreamy-pop music under the ZZouf name (with Zero dB) or Lunivers (with Lena Kaufman), a mixture of electronic and psychédelic rock released under the labels Tru-thoughts and Fluid Ounce. His success gave birth to his first videoclip “Happy Route”.

As a DJ he realized numbers of eclectic mixtapes of rock-elec¬tro-soul-hiphop music and produced more than 200 events in Paris.

Don’t miss this opportunity to listen (and watch) this first class DJ!


Event: "Une rencontre, 2 parallèles" by Cie x rien, November 15th at Alliance Française de Pune

“In a playground in which big black and white boxes are placed, 3 characters successively arrive. A rather unusual book bursts in their relationship, telling their own story, in a moment to share with the audience.


Through a series of visual painting, the 3 artists move in this geometrically variable space, mixing acrobatics and handling of objects.”

3 x rien is formed by David, Pierre and Lena. These three artists are not casual circus artists. None of them has been to a professional school, they learned by themselves or by practising with great circus masters. Therefore their performances are very much contemporary and focus on sharing emotions with their audience.

This event can be attended by children as well as by poets and daydreamers!



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