Notre-Dame cathedral to be rebuilt

Donations can be made towards rebuilding Notre-Dame cathedral following the fire that devastated it on 15 April.


The Embassy of France deeply appreciates the numerous messages of support that poured in following the fire at Notre-Dame cathedral. The cathedral is at the very heart of our capital, our country and our people.

Seeing our magnificent cathedral ablaze was a national and international tragedy. However, we now know that most of its structure, including its towers, is intact. The worst has been avoided, thanks to the relentless efforts and incredible bravery of the Paris fire brigade and French authorities.

The French government has vowed to rebuild Notre-Dame as soon as possible. The widespread national and international support being offered will be crucial in this task.

If you wish to make a donation to help rebuild Notre-Dame cathedral, the French government has set up a common portal bringing together four foundations authorized to collect donations:

- Le Centre des monuments nationaux:
- La Fondation Notre Dame / Avenir du Patrimoine à Paris:
- La Fondation du patrimoine:
- La Fondation de France:

All the funds raised will go towards restoration work on Notre-Dame cathedral. The four platforms will ensure secure payments and transparency in fund collection.

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Last modified on 03/01/2020

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