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Guillaume Blanc, a violonist that goes against the electronic current


While the thunderstorm lightened up the Goan sky on June 11th, Guillaume Blanc performed his “electric orchestra” at the Menezes Bragenza Hall where 250 persons were electrified by hos show at 2000 volts!

JPEGGuillaume Blanc’s performance was not simple to explain to the people who phoned the handset of the Alliance Française Panjim to inquire about this free electron. The reason is that the classically trained violinist recreates the language of machines through his violin and his mixing board! Indeed, his mixer is connected to his computer that allows him to record a music current which slowly becomes a tune, composed of folk, beat and jazz music.

“Every century transformed ’the musical language’ bequeathed by the former century. Every era has made its musical sound mark. From my point of view, the "sound" and the musical language of the 21rst century is the electronic music", Guillaume Blanc explains.

As the electric music piece Rising fire made his violin’s rest head to break, the music flow continued with Dancefloor which conducted electric pulses along the audience’s legs, coming in numbers this evening. To end the concert, the tune Before fighting, reminding gypsy music, totally thrills the crowds. This is the artist’s main objective that he describes as “a powerful and intense sensation, which seems to come from long ago…” After one hour under great tension, the machine stops but the sound stays. It was Guillaume Blanc’s first concert in Goa but surely not the last. Let’s hope Electric suites will have a follow up! Who thought the current could be so melodic?

About Guillaume Blanc:

Born in 1981, Guillaume began playing the violin at age 5. After studying classical violin, he learns to know and love other musical aesthetics by joining the class of the great violinist and teacher of jazz improvisation Didier Lockwood.

Since 2001, he participated in many music and film projects that allow him to perform regularly both in France and abroad. He was invited as a soloist by famous French artists, such as SportoKantes , Didier Lockwood, André Ceccarelli, Jool, Louis Winsberg, The Rabeats. Since 2005, he has been playing his own compositions in various formations: a delicate mix of jazz and other musical styles, with a subtle touch of folklore.

"The Jazz violinists are not yet legions and Guillaume Blanc is certainly one of the best. In its Electric Suites project, he presents original compositions of a high and rare quality. He deserves a great future, so do go see and listen to him!" -
Didier Lockwood


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