National day of commemoration of the victory of 8 May 1945

Wreath laying at the Pondicherry and Karaikal War Memorial

In Pondicherry, Mrs Carole Josse, Deputy Consul, accompanied by the District Collector, Mr Vallavan, Mr Prédibane Siva, AFE Councillor, Colonel Norbert Gaine, Deputy Defence Attaché, Mr Balaramin Bichat, Councillor for the French abroad and representatives of military associations laid wreaths at the foot of the Pondicherry War Memorial.

In Karaikal, Mr Emmanuel Ocana-Dorado, Officer in charge of Military Affairs, accompanied by Mrs Chantal Samuel-David, President of the Consular Council, and representatives of military associations laid wreaths at the foot of the Karaikal War Memorial.

A little bit of History...

On 7 May 1945, in Reims, and the following day in Berlin, the last representatives of the Third Reich unconditionally surrendered Germany, which had been defeated and occupied by the Allied forces.

This capitulation confirmed the military victory of the Allies in Europe and the political defeat of Nazism. In six years, the Second World War caused the death of 75 million people, including 49 million civilians, the murder of nearly six million men, women and children in the Shoah, the development of a massive concentration camp system, the displacement of 40 million people in Europe and left the continent in ruins.

The law of 7 May 1946 established the principle of commemorating the victory. It was the laws of 20 March 1953 and 2 October 1981 that made 8 May a public holiday.

8 May is a symbolic date, celebrated in all communes. On this day, all the events of the Second World War are commemorated: both the victory of the Allies and the end of Nazi oppression in Europe. Today is also an opportunity to send a message for the fight for freedom and democracy

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