MoU between Pondicherry University and IFP was signed on 06/09, at the University

Prof. Gurmeet Singh, Vice-Chancellor of the Pondicherry University, while addressing the gathering on the occasion of signing of the MoU, said that he feels elated to know that currently 4 students of the University are carrying out their Ph. D. at IFP.

He also spoke about his visit to the Institute saying that he was happy to know about the work that is being done and how impressed he was by the way the IFP collections are preserved (palm leaves, herbarium, library etc..). He asked his staff members to make use of this collaboration between the two Institutions, i.e. a foreign Institution in Pondicherry like a next door neighbour, can be easily accessed and interacted. Being a chemists himself, he wants more science students to be benefited by this collaboration besides arts students.

Two main requests were put forth by PU faculties:

  • The Saskrtists want to borrow rare books from IFP Library within the framework of the MoU signed.
  • IFP scholarships to be relaunched for PU students.

In order for better cooperation, it was proposed that regular visits of both the Institutions must be organised for students and faculties. This view was unanimously accepted.

Let us make much use of this collaboration in all ways possible to promote our research and higher education.

Last modified on 25/01/2019

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