Manish Arora’s Couture show at the French Embassy

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Manish Arora’s Couture show at the French Embassy during India Couture Week 2014

- For images of Manish Arora’s Couture show, visit Flickr page of the French Embassy.

The Ambassador of France to India, H.E. Mr François Richier, played host at Manish Arora’s Couture show on 18th July, 2014. The designer presented his collection “Indian by Manish Arora” on the premises of the French Embassy in Delhi, which had been totally transformed on the occasion of this glamorous evening.

Ambassador Richier declared:

"It’s a brilliant use of this space we have and Manish brought out the best from what we had to offer. He has an old connection with France and he is a pioneer in bringing the fashion culture of both countries together. We’ll be happy to host him every time."

Last modified on 17/12/2014

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