Malika Doray at the Bookaroo Festival 25th-27th November

Malika Doray at the Bookaroo Festival 25th-27th November




Bookaroo is a popular Literary Festival in India that showcases the best in International and Indian children’s literature. It is a celebration of books that draws young participants from a number of schools in Delhi. From the 25th-27th of November, Bookaroo brought together over 60 writers, illustrators, academicians, publishers and storytellers at the Sanskriti Kendra Gurgaon. The festival was a big draw for scholars on Friday and families on Saturday and Sunday.


The Embassy of France along with other organizations such as the Embassy of Sweden, the Australian International Council, the India Bhutan Foundation, the National Arts Council of Singapore and institutes like the British School were active participant to the festival which delighted children, parents and the literary community at large.


Children enjoyed a gamut of activities including book reading sessions by the authors themselves, story telling, illustration work shops, doodle wall creations, puppet shows, crafts and book art making the experience interactive and fun for kids.


Supported by the Embassy of France through its Book Office was present author and illustrator Malika Doray who conducted three lively workshops including an interactive crafts session with over 200 talented young friends with her concertina pop-ups and paper folding activities.

During the school connect programme “Bookaro in the city” within the framework of and as a prelude to the Bookaroo festival on the 23rd November, Malika Doray conducted widely appreciated workshops with children of the Indus World School Gurgaon.


The Book Office of the French Embassy also organized during this week, workshops on the 22nd and 24th November at the Ecole Française with children aged between 3 to 7 years.


French savoir-faire in children’s literature is renowned and such a unique festival created by Teamwork Productions is an ideal showcase for French authors/illustrators in the field. We would like to associate every year through this platform that has gained wide public acceptance in order to present French literature for children to the Indian audience.

For photographs of the Festival, please visit the photogallery.

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