Let’s play in French

Let’s play in French

Jeux linguistiques
For Anagrams, riddles, antonyms, jeu du pendu, incomplete sentences, multiple choice questions, click here

Testez vos connaissances
For texts with errors to be corrected and texts with multiple choices given to fill up deleted elements, click here

Testez votre orthographe
100 errors to detect in a text of 450 words, click here to try

50 jeux de langue pour tous
To discover a set of 50 games developed by Henry Landroit and promoted by the Service de la langue française de la Communauté française de Belgique, click here

Jeu de l’oie
To play the famous ancient game used for challenging learners at elementary and intermediate level, click here

Une journée avec Monsieur Sidératus ou tranches de la vie quotidienne
For illustrated stories to find the right word, click here

Apprendre le français
To play and learn French, click here

Motamo (Very rich treasure of linguistic games)
To play orginal word games, click here

Mots cachés en ligne
For games from the Institut de la Providence at Anderlecht, Belgium, click here

Le générateur de biographies
To write your wacky autobiography click here

and for still more games, click here

Last modified on 31/07/2018

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