Les Souffleurs (The Whisperers) in Bangalore

Les Souffleurs – Commandos poétiques were in India for the first time ever, from 17th January to 6th February and touring across 4 cities in India. Nine artists from the collective brought to life public spaces through their India specific project: Jaan. They acted through poetry in local languages, through specific, quiet choreographies and tried to take the public by surprise. In India, they recited verses in Bengali, Hindi, Urdu and English.

In Bengaluru, Les Souffleurs – Commandos Poétiques’ shows consisted of two artistic processes:

1. Appearances/Disappearances: The 9 artists whispered poetic, philosophical and literary secrets into the passersby’s ears, with an intention to create slowdowns into the beating heart of cities, restore the meaning behind each poetry verse, and adopt a tender, benevolent and furtive gesture in common public spaces.
2. Brandishing Vagabond Writings: A participative and interactive workshop inviting the public to bring out poetic writing from books and brandish it in public spaces.

In Bangalore from 2nd to 6th February they presented their programme in schools, office spaces, public parks and malls.

Last modified on 30/03/2020

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