Leila Slimani at Zee Jaipur Literature Festival 2018

Leila Slimani, author of the bestseller Lullaby and special emissary for the French language of President Emmanuel Macron was on a visit to India to take part in the Zee Jaipur Literature Festival 2018.

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Leila Slimani

Jaipur, 25 to 28 January 2018

Leila Slimani participated for the first time at Zee Jaipur Literature Festival 2018, two weeks after the launch of the English translation of Chanson Douce (Goncourt Prize 2016) under the title “The Perfect Nanny” (Penguin, USA) and “Lullaby” (Faber, UK).

Leila Slimani participated at two panel discussions in front of the thick crowd at Zee Jaipur Literature Festival and conferred the first Romain Rolland Book Prize at Zee Jaipur BookMark.

25th January 2018
Session “A Space for Liberty: Face to Face with Leila Slimani”

Leila Slimani in conversation with Amitava Kumar and Nicolas Idier

Leila Slimani explored the ways of conquering a space of oneself, necessary to dream, create, and emancipate oneself. She emphasized on the importance of fighting for this space, at home, in public spaces, in order to tackle misogyny and patriarchy.

28th January 2018
Session “Words Are All We Have”

Leila Slimani, Han Yujoo, Janice Pariat in conversation with Prajwal Parajuly.

Leila Slimani was asked to talk about the origins of her writing: she mentioned her mother always predicted she would be a writer one day. Along with Janice Pariat, author from North East India and Han Yujoo, author from South Korea, she emphasized on the liberty she wants to write on anything she wants, despite the expectations everyone has for one person from North Africa to write about identity issues and immigration and cultural integration. She claimed the right to be universal, just as western authors, for the sake of literature.

28th January 2018
Romain Rolland Book Prize announcement at Jaipur BookMark

Leila Slimani also special emissary of French president Emmanuel Macron for French language. She conferred the first Romain Rolland Book Prize to “Main Gumshuda”, hindi translation published by Rajpal & Sons of Rue des boutiques obscures by Patrick Modiano. Pranav Johri, head of Rajpal & Sons and Monica Singh, translator, received the prize from the hands of Leila Slimani who pointed out the importance of acknowledging the work of the translators all over the world, and their immense contribution to the bridges built between cultures and countries.

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