Learn French through web and media

Learn French through web and media

For learning French in India, one is no longer restricted to the classroom. Although the guidance of a professional teacher is still the best way to progress towards language proficiency, the motivated learner has a whole range of other possibilities at his disposal, either to acquire isolated areas of linguistic know-how or to enhance his skills by exposing himself to real French with the help of some sort of pedagogical apparatus.

Television and radio are certainly sources one should make use of, all the more so since most television and radio channels providing language courses couple this service with parallel learning material accessible on their web site.

TV5 programs and web assistance

TV5 does not provide regular French language courses as such but offers attractive language teasers which makes it quite pleasant for the learner to explore the francophone world.

Feature films with English subtitle are broadcast about every day. The news can be watched at 17.45 and then replayed at will through the net. Le coin des enfants offers children a treat throughout the day and meet them on the net with have numerous educational games and programs. New horizons are to be discovered through the eyes of young reporters. The illustrated, in depth portrayals of francophone cities are of particular interest since they are available on the net with pedagogical guidance. Music fans will not miss Paroles de clip, though broadcast on Saturdays before dawn (2h45 am), since the songs presented during this program can be replayed on the web through a click on the Juke Box of TV 5 or even studied with the help of teachers suggesting learning activities in their monthly comment available on Des clips pour apprendre.

As for mastering more French through TV5, the site Funambule offers exercises, word games and other learning activities. It is also a good idea to check the index of the section Apprendre et enseigner, whether there is a valid learning experience for individuals in the baskets reserved for teachers.

The BBC French language resources 

The BBC offers an articulated syllabus for learning French, starting from the first steps right up to the advanced stages. These BBC courses are broadcast and have their echoing section on the web: Talk French, French Experience 1 & 2, Quick French (French Fix), French for work (Getting there / Being there / Doing there : Worktalk / Make French your Business. Additional to this full fledged course in French there are additional items directed more towards the perception of French cultural ingredients: Français cool, France Inside Out, French Journey). Accents d’Europe offers linguistic notes, background comments and comprehension multiple choice questionnaires around fresh news items. Las but not least, the learner is being offered some guidance for reflecting on how he is going to read (How to learn, Embarrassing linguisting blunders), and can have a rough idea of where he stands with his French (French gauge).

Children can also find games and learning activities for them (For Kids).
Most of these items are available on CD-ROM’s, which can be ordered.

French language on Radio France Internationale (RFI)

RFI broadcasts both on the radio and through internet programmes which deal with the French language.

For learners who need exercices and guidance 3 such programs are currently offered: Comment vont les affaires ? a bilingual radio serial of sixty episodes relating the experiences of a foreign trainee at a French company, News in simple French, which provides exercises and glossaries along with the transcriptions of selected news items, Audio exercises, aimed at improving the aural comprehension of French and knowledge of the French culture with interactive language exercises based on downloadable RFI radio programmes.

For people wanting to improve their control of the language by reading and listening to documents chosen and sometimes specially conceived for them the offer quite large: Information pack, a multimedia documentation for teachers and students to approach topical themes of the day, On-line magazine “ Langage actuel ”, a magazine on the latest research in language and literature, Stories about language, words and expressions used in the French-speaking world, La danse des mots, Yvan Amar’s daily programme on news about language, Parler au quotidien, a lively and witty discussion between Yvan Amar and Evelyne Lattanzio about a French word or expression, Francophonie, reports from the French speaking world, debates and personalities reflecting the cultural variety of the French speaking community

French through multimedia

This multimedia program has been conceived by a university consortium (based on a team of experts from Bordeaux 2) to build up listening skills of foreign learners day by day. It delivers daily through the internet the series of exercises based on the TV5 news magazines of day (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec). Subscription is required: 8 € per week (4 days a week) with 30 weeks possible, or 3 € a day for modules of 1-3 days.


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