Learn French in India

In India, French courses are available in:

French is being taught mainly at grade IX and X but a few schools start at grade VIII, grade VII or even grade VI with some sort of French courses. At grade XI and XII students can opt freely for French or stop with the knowledge they acquired at the end of grade X (checked and testified within the framework of the Senior Secondary Examination).

Colleges and Universities in India
At college level students can join French courses as beginners, beginners with prior knowledge, or as students enrolling in French Departments preparing for a BA French (specialists). The non specialists usually go as far as the Advanced Diploma which concludes two years of learning. The universities enrol students at the level of MA French, M Phil French and PhD French.

To receive regular updates of the various activities organised by the French language section, the Schools, Colleges and Universities are requested to send the relevant contact addresses and data either through post or directly through email to:

French Embassy
French Language Section
LFR – Attn. Mr. Jatinder Singh
Dr A P J Abdul Kalam Road,
New Delhi, Delhi 110011
Tel: 011 – 3041 00 00
Fax: 011 –3041 00 01
E-mail : jsi@ifindia.in

The Alliance française
The network of the Alliance française in India provides French language courses at all levels and for professional and different age groups (children, adolescents and all other age groups). Elementary, intermediary and higher level courses are offered in the fifteen main Alliances françaises all over India and six local branches. Courses are conducted even during the week-ends.

- To know more about the Alliance française network contact Alliance Française.

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