Launch of the India-France Job Opportunities Board

The India-France Job Opportunities Board has just been launched on the occasion of the Indo-French Technology Summit (23-24 October 2013).

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The Board has emerged as the direct result of two important developments. First, a growing number of Indian students have been opting for a French "Grande Ecole" or university for pursing higher studies – or a part of their programme. Management and engineering are top choices. France is pleased to host 2600 Indian students today, which is a leap of 50% over the last five years.

Second, French companies have invested massively in India: the approximately 350 French companies present in India, with 400 subsidiaries, account for a total investment stock of $ 18 billion - which makes France one of the top investors in India.

Ambassador Richier decided to undertake a series of measures subsequent to these developments to further encourage both these steady, encouraging trends:

- formulating a visa-friendly policy for Indian students wishing to study in France;

- granting long-term visas to France for all Indian citizens holding post-graduate degrees from a French university or "Grande Ecole" so that they may freely travel between France and India;

- extending the alumni networks that have recently expanded in Europe and America but still need to develop in India;

- providing all Indian students having studied in France access to the network of French companies operating in India, as well as their Indian partners. Furthermore, all Indian post-graduates from France (Masters to PhD), will be able to seek assistance in finding the companies most suitable for their qualifications and talents, via the India-France Job Opportunities Board.

Click on the link below to access the India-France Job Opportunities Board.
- After your studies - India-France Job Opportunities Board

Last modified on 12/01/2015

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