Launch of Indo-French Water Network


The Indo-French Water Network (IFWN) was launched during the inaugural meeting of its Steering Committee in the afternoon of 5th February 2013 at the Claridges Hotel (Aurangzeb Road) in New Delhi in the presence of the Ambassador of France, Mr. François Richier.

India and France are deeply committed to water issues, and scientific and industrial entities from both countries are active in this sector. Collaborations between India and France in this field are longstanding, with two Indo-French cells on water research, based in Bangalore and Hyderabad, active for more than 10 years. To ensure better visibility of Indo-French common actions and facilitate further collaborative work, a joint water network is being established.

The IFWN aims at strengthening partnerships between India and France in the water sector, by bringing together private enterprises, public entities, individuals, academics and any other person or group from France or India working in the sector. Its objectives are to create a structured and enduring dialogue between India and France on water, enhance cooperation and collaboration within the context of water sustainability, favour the exchange of information, expertise, and transfer of initiatives and enhance the visibility of its members and their actions. The main actions of the IFWN will be to share and disseminate information, provide support to members’ projects, organise events, such a joint seminars, and develop partnerships with pertinent organisations. A further objective of the IFWN is also to set up a fund that could be used to finance joint projects, programmes or any other proposal as approved by the Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee of the IFWN is composed of ten luminaries, five Indian, five French, and it aims at guiding and running the IFWN.

The members of the Steering Committee are :
- India : Dr Isher Judge Ahluwalia, Dr Ramaswamy R Iyer, Mr Suresh Prabhu, Dr Mihir Shah and Mr S Vishwanath.
- France : Prof Bernard Barraqué, Senator Christian Cambon, Mr Yvan Kedaj, Dr Jacques Manem and Mr Patrick Rousseau.

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