Lancement des albums Astérix en hindi [en]

L’Ambassadeur de France en Inde, Alexandre Ziegler, lance des albums Astérix en hindi, publiés par la maison d’éditions, Om Books International.

New Delhi, le 27 mars 2019

L’Ambassadeur de France en Inde, Alexandre Ziegler, et l’éditeur Ajay Mago de Om Books International ont lancé quatre albums Astérix traduits vers l’hindi, à la Résidence de France ce soir.

Lors de cette soirée, les traducteurs, Dipa Chaudhuri et Puneet Gupta, ont soulevé les défis de la traduction vers l’hindi de cette série de bandes dessinées de renommée internationale.

Discours de S.E. M. Alexandre Ziegler, Ambassadeur de France en Inde

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Residence of France.

I am very pleased to release tonight, four albums of the Asterix comics series from the famous French author-illustrator duo, René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, that have been translated into Hindi by Dipa Chaudhuri, Chief Editor at Om Books International, and Puneet Gupta, translator, author and advertising professional.

Asterix the Gaul, Asterix and the Golden Sickle, Asterix and the Goths and Asterix the Gladiator are a part of this large collection of 33 albums. 60 years have elapsed since this character and his sidekick, Obelix, were introduced and went on to become a part of our lives and the French literary landscape. The Asterix adventures are a representation of France that take us on a historical journey of a Gaul that, having fallen under Roman occupation in the second and first centuries BC, sees the Celtic tribe inhabiting this region valiantly fighting for their independence and keeping their traditions and customs alive.

But Asterix has not remained only on the pages of comic albums. His adventures have also been adapted for animated films as well as live action films. With over 30 million filmgoers having followed their exploits on screen, these films have been major box office successes as well. The series has also been turned into video games, an adventure theme park in Paris, and hundreds of other formats. As many of you may know, Asterix is not “restricted” – so to speak – to its wide French readership, the albums having been translated into many other languages, and now, Hindi.

Asterix is a popular hero for the young and adults alike. In fact, at the time of its publication, the stories reflected the political climate in France. In a caricatured way, with running gags, anachronisms, and the clever use of word play, Asterix addresses more serious subjects such as regional and European identities, cultural heritage or ethnocentrism.

Asterix’ strength – apart from the superhuman one he acquires through the druid’s magic potion – is his ability to please and renew his audiences, generation after generation. The story and the motley characters embodying French spirit are timeless. And it makes me proud that an even wider Indian public now has access to this French literary heritage with these remarkable translations in Hindi. I am sure they will be able to relate to his character who has several traits in common with the popular Indian cartoon character, Chhota Bheem, who derives his strength from eating laddoos and protects his village. The two characters deal with the same subjects of identity and territory in their respective villages.

As much as Astérix is a part of French heritage, it is also a lively means of learning French. It is also an opportunity for students to get a glimpse into the history of the country of the language’s origin.

Talks for the translation of an album and its launch were initiated four years back. It gives me immense pleasure to finally release not one, but four albums from the series today. I understand that the translation of Asterix was not easy, the names of the characters being products of word play with references to French terms. Dipa Chaudhuri and Puneet Gupta have indeed done an exceptional work of contextualising some of these names while staying true to their original meanings.

I thank you all for being here with us tonight, and especially thank Om Books International for making this evening possible. And now, as Chief Vitalstatistix – or – Mukhiya Golmatolix in Hindi – would say, “Let the revels begin !”

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