LP4Y NGO "Life Project Plans" presentation ceremony at the Embassy

Speech by Ms Claire Thuaudet, Deputy Head of Mission.


New Delhi, 21 July 2017

Dear young ladies and gentlemen,
Dear representatives of LP4Y,

It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you all to the Embassy of France in India.

It is a great pleasure because LP4Y is an NGO of French origin, and France has a longstanding tradition of supporting the youth. I am delighted that this support can also be extended in India through the work of LP4Y. Although LP4Y entered India only in 2014, it is an extremely active NGO that is already present in all the major cities of India and is working on various innovative projects.

Some of you may not be aware that one of the roles of an embassy is also supporting civil society actions that create ties between our two countries. In fact, it is one of our tasks, which is actually expanding in scope as France and India continue to strengthen their ties.

Dear young women and men, you have chosen to be trained, and I welcome your commitment, which could change your life. Make the most of the chance that is being offered to you to learn as much as you can and become true professionals. The corporate world is a demanding world, and here during your training period, you have all the opportunity to experience all its bases and learn all the indispensable inter-personal skills.

I understand that today each one of you will present your career goals, your dreams and how you will go about fulfilling them. You are at an age when everything is possible. As the LP4Y slogan goes, “I can’t, but together we can”. I therefore wish you a fruitful session this afternoon at the Embassy of France, and all the very best for your future.

Last modified on 25/07/2017

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