Iran’s stance key to outcome of nuclear talks - Minister

Iran – Statements by M. Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, at his joint press briefing with his American counterpart

Paris, 20 November 2014

American Secretary of State John Kerry and I carried out a wide-ranging review of the international situation – in particular of what’s happening in the Middle East and the situations in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Israel and Palestine. But the bulk of our conversation was devoted to the negotiations with Iran because, as you know, there’s a deadline set for these negotiations, which expire on Monday evening (24 November).

Our shared assessment is clear. We’d like an agreement with Iran on nuclear issues. The core of the agreement is: yes to civilian nuclear energy, absolutely yes. Iran has every right to civilian nuclear energy. On the other hand, and to be clear: no to the possession of the atomic bomb, because it would have consequences on regional security and the world’s security. Discussions have been under way for a long time. We’d like an agreement, but it does have to be said there are still significant points of difference, and we hope they’ll be reduced, but this very much depends, of course, on the Iranians’ attitude.

We’re having these meetings, which began in Geneva. John Kerry and I will of course have the opportunity to meet there again, but the current point of the discussion is: we’d like an agreement, but there are still important points to resolve./.

Last modified on 21/11/2014

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