Introduction of a web solution to help French citizens in difficulty around the world:

Press release by Mr. Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Minister of State, attached to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs (Paris - March 19, 2020).


Due to the situation of unprecedented gravity created by the coronavirus crisis, President Macron announced very strong measures that specifically include a drastic reduction of our movements in France, Europe and abroad.

Our recommendation to French citizens who are abroad temporarily is to take all necessary measures to return to France promptly. To assist them, the Transport Ministry has asked airline companies to maintain their flights to France to the greatest possible extent and to lower their prices. The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, together with all of our diplomatic and consular posts, is mobilizing all of its efforts to obtain authorization for special air connections, and for these air connections to be serviced by commercial flights. These steps have been successful in several locations.

For our fellow citizens who are waiting for a flight and do not have a place to stay, we have just established an emergency service to connect French citizens stranded abroad in difficult circumstances with French citizens living outside of France who have volunteered to host them. This service, through which one may offer or request a place to stay, is available at the following address:

This site was established under the auspices of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, thanks to the dedication of the Fédération internationale des Accueils Français et francophones à l’étranger (FIAFE).

This project was made possible thanks to the solidarity of web experts and entrepreneurs, who created this platform within just a few hours.

Press contact: Office of the Minister of State: 33/1-43-17-70-44 / 69-73

Last modified on 20/03/2020

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