Interview of the French Ambassador to Deccan Chronicle

Economic and business ties are also on the upswing, Mr. Lenain said, with more than 500 French companies employing close to 350,000 people in India.


The first Rafale will be handed over to India "on time, right on schedule, on Indian soil in May 2020. We are on target", the new French envoy to India, Emmanuel Lenain, said in an interview, where the long-time China hand, who served in the U.N., backed India’s stand on getting a seat on the United Nations Security Council and its abrogation of Article 370, while calling for a relook at the original deal to acquire not 36 but 126 nuclear-capable fighter aircraft.

Mr Lenain sees the India-France relationship, which he describes as the "strongest partnership possible," growing even more so in the backdrop of a far firmer understanding between the leadership in Paris and Delhi, with France throwing its weight behind India getting a seat at the UNSC high table and working on squeezing Pakistan on its export of terror.

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Last modified on 13/12/2019

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