International Cannes Film Festival 2011 : the Cinémas du monde Pavilion from 11 to 22 May 2011

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The Ministry of External and European Affairs, alongside with the professionals, promotes in the world,the French cinema. The ministry is also involved in supporting cinemas from the South, which have a key role in the cultural diversity defended by France.


For the first time, TheInstitut français (French Institute), new operator of the Ministry in charge of the external cultural action of France, coordinate the"Cinemas du monde Pavilion" of the Cannes Film Festial.


Located in the middle of the International Village, the Pavilion aims at :

- Enhance the visibility of world cinemas
- Facilitate meetings between profesionals
- Support movies development and distribution

Its main goal is to focus attention on quality projects and give their directors the means of becoming part of the international film community using the resources of the Festival de Cannes.


2011 will mark the third edition of the Cinémas du Monde pavilion: in such a short lapse of time it has gained legitimacy by meeting the expectations of filmmakers and providing them with a forum. It is a convivial meeting-place where everyone can exchange ideas and is a fruitful ground for fostering dialogue between film industry professionals.

This year the pavilion will welcome a delegation of twelve directors from four continents: India, Africa, South America and Eastern Europe and highlights the great creative potential which remains to be explored.
These young filmmakers will be able to compare their talent with a variety of international creations and take advantage of this desire to excel to perfect their projects and gain access to the film distribution channels.

This initiative represents an extension of the goal of the festival: support and assist film creation at its source, well in advance of the selection process. It is thus quite naturally in keeping with our objectives by defending a certain idea of the film industry that we prize. Films move geographical frontiers and mental barriers and constantly reshape a world which is developing faster than we are.

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