Intensive training programme for French language teachers

Intensive training programme for French language teachers, “Université régionale BELC – India and South Asia 2016”.

Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Noida, 23 May 2016

Institut Français en Inde, Embassy of France in India, organised a weeklong training programme in India for French language professionals, in collaboration with France’s Centre for International Cooperation in Education (CIEP) and the School of Foreign Languages of Amity University - Noida. The intensive summer course was conducted by CIEP’s internationally recognised BELC (regional university summer and winter schools).

As French is among the most popular foreign languages students opt for in India, there is a growing demand for training a greater number of teachers. Thus, this year’s training benefited 125 French language teachers from a wide gamut of institutions, including secondary and senior secondary schools as well as universities from India and other South-Asian countries. Its course content was tailored to the region-specific requirements of the participating countries.

The opening ceremony took place on Monday, 23rd May 2016 at the Convention Centre, Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Noida.


CIEP: A key public entity of the French Ministry of National and Higher Education and Research founded in 1945, the CIEP is a premier institute for international cooperation in education. It is also a member of the Sorbonne Universities group of universities and research institutes. To carry out its projects, the CIEP relies on the know-how of a team of 250 staff members as well as a network of over 1000 experts and national and international partners.


BELC: Each year the CIEP, based in Sèvres, France, offers the internationally recognised winter and summer schools of regional university - BELC (Bureau for Education on French Language and Civilization in foreign countries). BELC is devoted to the teaching profession, and its training courses are greatly valued for the continued education it imparts to language professionals. In 2012, BELC training courses were decentralised to meet the needs of specific geographical zones.

Université régionale BELC

Université régionale BELC – India and South Asia 2016: This BELC intensive regional training will host 125 French language professionals, of whom 25 participants will come from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and Nepal. BELC will conduct ten training modules including the themes of:

  • enriching classes with online resources and creative activities;
  • using the latest communicative and action-oriented grammar teaching methods
  • facilitating oral communication skills
  • teaching French at the school and university levels.

Amity University

Amity University – Noida: Established by an act of State Legislature and recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC), Amity University is an important academic partner of this training programme catering to French language teachers.

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