IHEST in India

The IHEST was created in 2007 by the French Government. The Institute is a public institution under the control of both the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and the Ministry of Education. Its mission is to train the future leaders from various fields of society (elected people, researchers, leaders and managers from both public and private institutions and companies, representatives from Ministries …) to the governance of the relationships between science, innovation and society.


This study trips aims at reinforcing the links between the two countries and thus their collaborations. It must allow the IHEST Students to discover in a concrete and objective way - through direct meetings and discussions with Indian personalities – the place that gives India to sciences and technologies in its growth strategy and policy.
The visits and meetings will help the IHEST Students understand the international and national goals of Indian research, higher education and innovation policies; who are the actors in these fields, what are the strengths of Indian science today, where are the scientific excellence spots, what structures do exist to support technological and social innovation? What is the impact of these policies on the Indian society and what is the point of view of the Indian society on the progress brought by science and technology? What place does the educational system occupy and what are its evolutions? What are
the main industrial and economical policies and their consequences in the development of India taking into account its cultural and social characteristics? Which objectives are to be met (uprising of the middle class, poverty decrease, and place occupied by the country in the global economy…) and initiatives undertaken?

The IHEST has decided to bring its students in two Indian cities during this study trip: Bangalore and Mysore.


- Bangalore : April 21 - 25, 2013
- Mysore : April 26 - 27, 2013

Organisation : This study trip is organised in close collaboration with the French Embassy in India, the French Consulate in Bangalore.

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