Indo-French joint lab co-founders honoured

Indo-French Joint Laboratory for Sustainable Chemistry at Interfaces (JLSCI)

In 2010, the French Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) created the Indo-French Joint Laboratory for Sustainable Chemistry at Interfaces (JLSCI). This laboratory is co-directed by CNRS-University of Rennes 1 on the French side, and the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology of CSIR (IICT, Hyderabad) on the Indian side.

Recently, Dr. René Grée and Dr. Jhillu Singh Yadav, the two co-founders and former co-directors of this Indo-French laboratory, have both been honoured with awards for their scientific contribution.

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Dr. Jhillu Singh Yadav & Dr. René Grée

Dr. René Grée awarded by the Chemical Research Society of India (CRSI)

Dr. René Gree, Scientific Director of the LIA, has recently been awarded the title of “Honorary Fellow” by the Chemical Research Society of India (CRSI), and will receive this award in February 2016 in Chandigarh. This is to reward not only his great work and achievements in different fields of chemistry (organic synthesis, bio-organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry), but also to acknowledge him for his strong action in Indo-French scientific cooperation. He is the fourth French scientist who receives this honour, after H. Kagan, J.-M. Lehn (Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1987) and Marc Fontecave.

Dr. Grée’s interest for India started in January 1998, during a visit to various Indian research institutes in the framework of an exchange between the French Académie des Sciences and the Academy of Indian Sciences. This visit led to two significant results:

  • Creation with the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore (IISc) of the Indo-French Centre for Organic Synthesis (IFCOS), under which eight seminars have been organized alternately in India and France. On this occasion about 100 French researchers were able to meet with Indian partners, which led to the filing of numerous joint research projects with CEFIPRA.
  • The start of joint research programs between Dr. Grée’s team and Dr. JS Yadav at IICT Hyderabad. Several of these projects were supported by the CEFIPRA, including an industrial project that led ultimately to the marketing of a drug called Misoprostol (by AvraLab society). Based on the good results already achieved and good coordination between Rennes and IICT, the International Associated Laboratory "Joint Laboratory for Sustainable Development at Interfaces" was created in 2008 by the CNRS-University of Rennes 1 and CSIR-IICT.

Dr. Jhillu Singh Yadav awarded by the Université de Rennes 1

Dr. Jhillu Singh Yadav has been awarded with the title of “Doctor Honoris Causa” by the University of Rennes 1 on 3rd April 2015.

Dr. Singh Yadav Jhillu is a world-renowned organic chemist; he made important contributions to the development of new synthetic methodologies and their application for the preparation of bioactive molecules, especially in the agrochemical field and the field of medicine. Also many of the synthetic processes invented in his group have led to 150 patents, successfully transferred to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. He has published over 1100 articles, guided nearly 200 PhD students and received numerous scientific awards, both in India and abroad.

For nearly twenty years he has established close relations with chemists from the University of Rennes 1.

Indo-French Joint Laboratory for Sustainable Chemistry at Interfaces (JLSCI): achievements at a glance


- Staff Scientists from Institute for Chemistry in Rennes involved: 20
- Students from Institute for Chemistry in Rennes involved: 16
- Staff Scientists from CSIR-IICT involved: 22
- Students from CSIR-IICT involved: 28
- Almost 50 articles published in international reputed journals!
- Scientific results presented in many occasions through plenary lectures delivered, or in oral communications and posters.
- Very fruitful exchanges have been conducted:

  • at the level of staff scientists: 15 Indian chemists came to Rennes for seminars and discussions while 28 French chemists gave lectures in CSIR-IICT,
  • also for young students: 18 Indian students had internships in Rennes while 29 French students went to CSIR-IICT under this program.

- Two joint seminars and one CEFIPRA workshop have been organized together and the Indo-French joint lab participated to several actions supporting the Indo-French cooperation, both in India and France.
- Several important awards and special recognitions have been given to Joint Lab members.

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